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Danshar Group began its journey over five decades ago. Throughout the years, the Company has gained a profound and comprehensive understanding of the retail market in Israel. Its vast experience in promoting, marketing and logistic handling of many brands has made the Danshar Group one of the most successful, robust and innovative groups in this field in Israel.


The Group, owned by the Barak family, comprises three main subsidiaries, each handles comprehensively and optimally a different part of the marketing and distribution track of the brand to the consumer. Through the long-lasting and well-established connections the Group had built with the marketing and pharma chains and with a variety of suppliers and retailers, it provides a wide-ranging, thorough and topmost solution to its customers.


The Companies serve millions of end customers in the private market and in the organized market throughout Israel, and are constantly building and evolving long-term leadership of their brands within the Israeli market, including constantly opening new market segments for their brands..


The Danshar Group is managed by Tal Barak, the son of the founder of the company.

The group continually makes sure to maintain its vision and act according to the founders’ values – respect, fairness and accountability. It aims to produce and preserve a fair and ethical work environment and continue to pave the way to prosperity and success.

Making it Happen

The group consists of three subsidiaries, which together provide a complete solution – a One Stop Shop –for all stages of the marketing and logistics chain of a wide range of leading brands:


Danshar (1963) – specializes in sales, marketing, import, and distribution. The company handles a variety of international and local brands from the worlds of food, cleaning products, cosmetics, and toiletries.

Danlog-Intercosma – the Logistics Company, handling the storage and the distribution of brands to points of sale, as well as specializing in the manufacturing of private label products in the field of cosmetics. The operation is carried out on-site covering an area of 50,000 square meters.

Dansell – The Company specializes in sales and distribution of a variety of brands to retailers and to small and medium businesses across the country.

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