DANlog intercosma

Leading Forward – Producing Success

Danlog-Intercosma provides solutions for all stages of the supply chain through an entire array of storage, collection, and distribution services, value-added work as well as comprehensive conversion work.

All this with the aim to provide a complete solution tailored to the needs of customers and their products.


The company’s advanced and innovative Logistics Center includes the company-owned fleet of about 70 trucks, a wide-area distribution system powered by advanced technology management systems.

In addition to the logistics and distribution operations, Danlog-intercosma manufacturing division engages in manufacturing private label products for the beauty industry in Israel and around the world.


Danlog-Intercosma is one of the few companies in Israel that operates an in-house, internal research and development laboratory. The Company earned an excellent and long-standing reputation for developing innovative products of uncompromising quality, and produces thousands of formulations from innovative, unique raw materials.

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