It all began with some bars of soap and a bicycle...

The journey that led to the extraordinary success of the Danshar group began more than five decades ago by the founder of the group, the father – Avner Barak.

When he was fired from his job as a messenger at a small advertising company, Avner received several cases of soap as a substitute for his last paycheck. In his unique ingenuity, typical of him, he decided to turn a crisis into an opportunity, and together with his wife Ruth, he began to sell the soaps on his bicycle. The rest – is history…

Sales succeeded beyond all expectations. 

Avner’s creative and groundbreaking thinking led him to unprecedented success.

 He founded the Danshar Company as a company that markets and distributes a wide variety of well-known brands from all over the world, and also one that develops its own brands.

Over the years, Danshar Group has become one of the most prominent groups in the field in the Israeli and international markets.

Today, managed by Avner’s sons, Tal and Ron Barak, the Danshar Group continues and realizes Avner Barak’s vision of success, confidently moving onward to more future success. All this, while maintaining the values of respect, professionalism, fairness, and accountability – the core values by which Avner worked and acted.

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